My 1/2 acre slice of inspiration

My 1/2 acre slice of inspiration

The previous owners of our Villa had planted 42 fruit trees in the empty section behind the house. A mixture of plums, peaches, apples, pears, apricots, figs, and one each of quince, mandarin, lemon, lime, and a persimmon tree. We have planted two avocado trees, and some blueberry plants making for a pretty and productive mini orchard.

Every morning I go for a walk in the orchard. My cats Merlin and George follow me out there and find a spot and sit, or wander up for a pat on one of my laps of the section. No matter the weather this short walk has become a ritual of sorts. It has also become one of my main sources of inspiration for what to draw.

The trees change with each season, the buds and blossoms in early spring, the fruit in summer and autumn, and the falling leaves and twisting branches of winter. The trees attract New Zealand Kingfishers, Sparrows, Tuis, Golden eye finches, Blackbirds, Fantails, and Quail (just to name a few), and the ground below the trees attracts rabbits  (though regarded as a pest I still love seeing them hop around).

Currently, the temperatures are warming up as we move into Mid Spring which means our stone fruit trees are starting to blossom. the plum trees produce a beautiful white blossom, while the peach trees blossom in a rich vibrant pink. 

Plus tree blossoms in springPeach tree blossoms in Spring

Below is a sneak peek of a few of the motifs I have sketched for a collection that I will start soon.

Sketches of orchard inspired collection

 I have a few more motifs to sketch before I start to colour and pull all the elements together and will share an update in a future blog. Until next time take care x