A lot can happen...(part 1)

A lot can happen...(part 1)

It has been over 2 and a half years since my husband, my five cats and I moved over from Australia to Northland, New Zealand, in part to be closer to my parents but mainly because my husband and I craved a project. I had spent months looking at real estate for sale and one day I saw the listing for a Villa. Built in 1910 and situated on one acre there was something about the house that I kept going back to until eventually, I sent my parents along to have a look. Needless to say, their first impression was not favourable because of how much work the Villa needed.

NB: The Villa is an Edwardian/Victorian-style house that was built in New Zealand between 1880 and 1920.

I made the trip from Australia to New Zealand to see it for myself and to also look at other options; however, the first time I walked inside the house I just wanted to give the house a hug.  I could see that with love and attention the Villa could be beautiful again, but a little neglect and questionable renovations had worn the house down. My husband and I after much discussion made the decision and purchased the house which in itself was a huge undertaking.

Our grand old 'transitional' Villa has had over 20 owners in 110 years and the first year was spent undoing and fixing a lot of the work the previous owners had done.

We did the following:

  • Repainted the main bedroom
Photo of bedroom being painted
  • Removed wallpaper in the front bedroom (set to be my art studio)
wallpaper being removed from studio
  • Re-plastered the walls of that bedroom
  • Painted the studio

  • Installed ducted air conditioning
  • Installed wall insulation
  • Repainted all of the ceilings
  • Replaced the brown aluminum windows in 2 bedrooms with new timber double sash windowsNew Windows
  • Replaced the old front doors with new timber French doors and
French doors
  • Started clearing the back yard and building our vegetable garden
building the raised vegetable garden beds

    Listing it as I have above, it does feel like we achieved a lot and at other times I can get a little overwhelmed thinking about how much there is left to do. But that's normal when dealing with an old house.

    In a later blog, I will share some more photos and updates about the renovations and share an in-depth look at my art studio (which is my favourite space).