The large side garden - renovation blog part 5

The large side garden - renovation blog part 5

The large garden near the side of the house had been left to become overgrown.

Searching for the outdoor tap

The overgrown garden above.

What the tangle of shrubs and trees looked like behind.

Tangled mess of shrubs and trees 

The people we purchased the Villa from had not touched the side garden in the five years they owned the property, and they told us there was no outdoor tap. We thought this was very strange considering the old bore pump in the shed. It was not until we cleared next to the bore pump shed that we discovered the outdoor tap. 

Finding the tap

Finding the outdoor tap attached to the bore pump shed. Sootie was overseeing our progress.

We attempted to clear the garden ourselves but realised the tangled mess was worse than we first thought, with a tree so overgrown it was growing upside down and through the fence.

Attempting to clear the garden

 Eventually, we called in an arborist to remove some of the trees and make clearing the area easier for ourselves.

Arborist clearing trees 

 Afterward, we removed old stumps and garden debris and found the original pavers used as garden edging. We dug the pavers up and made the garden bed larger. Once finished and continuing with our English theme we planted a Camellia hedge (next to a Camellia that was already there but had been hidden for so long), a pink Hebe, Westringia, and a few smaller shrubs. 

 Newly planted garden

Garden planted

 Newly planted and mulched garden with George perusing the results.

The garden today - weeds included. 

 Garden today

As you can see the hedge is slowly growing and the Westringia has flourished. We need to shape the Westringia so it grows upwards instead of outwards, and top up the mulch in the garden bed, but I hope you can agree that it looks a lot better than the overgrown mess it once was.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. Until next time take care.